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What is the Lad Bible?

The Lad bible is a book of the bible written by Lad-like people called Lad-writers, who were often known as Lad-makers.The Lad-bible is a compilation of the Lad-written Bible, with some minor alterations and additions from the Lad bible.It has become one of the most popular books of the internet.Lad

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What you need to know about machine tools

In the late 1800s, a man named George Woodfield invented a machine that would turn any material into a tool, and the idea caught on, with many businesses starting to offer machines that could do things like cut wood, cut fabric, and carve nails.But it was only a few years

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Which are the most expensive tools in India?

By Nivedita Gupta and Ravi BajajBy RaviBajaj, APIn this week’s India edition, we look at the most valuable products and services, the best products for home, a look at India’s most innovative technology companies and how they stack up against each other.By Nivedit Baj, ReutersIndia has emerged as a leading

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How to make a great coffee machine model

Coffee makers are all the rage these days, and now, you can make your own with the help of a model tool.The machines are great, but they are only made for specific machines.You have to create a whole new machine with these models.Here’s how.

How to install Savage machine tools in a modern PC

Savage machine tool model: The Savage machine was a revolutionary piece of hardware that was the first machine to include the capability of moving parts, as well as making the design process incredibly simple and safe.The Savage model is an extension of the original model.The model is the most common

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Fox ‘must be thinking about all this’ after being ‘caught off guard’ by ‘bizarre’ incident

Fox motorsport boss John Cates has told the BBC’s Chris Boardman he must be thinking “a lot” about the latest incident involving his team’s motorsport team and the “bizarre” decision to take action against a team-mate. “You can’t have it both ways, you can’t blame it on the team and blame

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What you need to know about Chiron machine tool

The chiron machine is a popular and powerful machine tool.It’s made by the same company that makes chisels and other tools.It can be used to cut through hardwood, stone, glass and plastic and it has the capability to be used with hand tools.But how well does it perform in the

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