GoPro’s new $1,000 Jupiter model has a ‘smart’ heart and ‘truly amazing’ camera

GoPro has unveiled the latest addition to its growing portfolio of ultra-high-end camera hardware, the $1:1 Jupiter.

It’s the company’s first new product since the announcement of its $3,000 Polaroid-branded G1 series of cameras in November, and comes with a slew of other bells and whistles including a ‘brain’ for the heart-rate monitor and an ‘exciting new 360 degree video mode’ that lets you watch 360 video from a single GoPro Hero3+.

The new GoPro Jupiter is a $1k-price tag that doesn’t include a standard mount, but that isn’t stopping it from adding a ‘heart’ heart- rate monitor to the new unit, which will be offered for the first time on the GoPro HERO3+.

The heart-monitor measures the heart rate and communicates the data back to the camera’s camera and can also be used as a remote control for the camera to track an individual’s movements.

The heart sensor on the camera also has an ‘eye’ mode that lets it scan the surroundings and identify objects, as well as an ‘infrared’ mode, which lets it automatically track objects’ position.

The new unit can also connect to GoPro’s popular app for recording, editing and sharing 360 video, as it can.

The company also announced that the new GoPro HERO4 model will have an integrated heart-sensing heart rate monitor for $1 more, with the camera being available to purchase in November.

Weighing in at just 1kg (2.8lbs), the new model’s heart-beat sensor is a 1.8mm-thick OLED display, which GoPro describes as ‘extremely powerful and extremely small’.

The sensor has a resolution of 1280×720 and uses 3.2mm pixels, which are capable of capturing images at 30 frames per second.

This makes it very fast for capturing videos at 60fps and 60fps at 120fps, or 120fps at 240fps.

The heart-tilt camera has been designed to capture images with a very narrow field of view, which can give the image the illusion of a wider angle.

The camera can also capture up to 2.5 metres (8ft) in height and up to 20 metres (65ft) on average, which is the widest the sensor can capture at a single focal length.

This means that the heart sensor can be used for panoramic shots, or for capturing images of objects in different perspectives.

The new model features an array of 3D facial recognition features, including the ability to capture a 3D photo of an object in front of the camera.

This feature will be available to all GoPro HERO models, and will work with the company to help people recognise their likeness.

GoPro also claims the new heart-mounted camera is capable of recognising faces at up to 6 metres (20ft), which is enough to recognise a person’s facial features and make facial expressions appear more natural.

It also can capture facial expressions as large as 3 metres (10ft) wide.

This gives the camera the ability of recording images of people who appear to be in front or in front-of-camera.

GoPro’s technology is currently used by the likes of Amazon Prime and the BBC World Service.

The camera’s 360-degree video mode can be accessed by using the ‘eye mode’ which can also record video from up to six cameras simultaneously.

This is particularly useful for capturing 360 video of events or activities such as concerts, concerts, shows, sports and more.

The device’s heart sensor is also capable of recording a 360-degrees view of the scene, which means it can capture 3D-style panoramas and 360 video.

The video capture can be controlled via the GoPro app, or the camera itself, which allows users to control the video feed via the camera remote.

The ability to record 360 videos in 3D mode has been available on the HERO3 for some time, and was available in the GoPro Hero4 Black and HERO4 White models in November last year.

While GoPro has been working to make its new products more consumer-friendly, the company has also been working on other features to make the new models more affordable.

The latest GoPro HERO series of products are now available for purchase, with a $699 price tag, while the company is also releasing the HERO4 Pro and Hero4 to GoPro Black models for a limited time.

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