A brand-new machine tool exhibition at the New York Public Library

The world’s largest collection of machine tools from the 1900s will reopen on Tuesday, but they will be in an exhibition that has been under wraps for more than a century.

The machine tools exhibit, which opened in 1888, was the first major public exhibition of the machines made by the machinesmiths, makers and manufacturers of the day, which were among the most prolific in the US.

“This is an amazing opportunity to share our history, to share the innovations of our past, to give people a look at how these machines work and how they’re made,” said Michael Fischhoff, the curator of the exhibit.

There will be about 100 machines at the exhibition, which is part of a three-day exhibition called A Brand New Machine Tool Exhibition, which runs from November 8-11.

Some of the exhibitors will be familiar names, such as the makers of the sewing machines that revolutionised industrial sewing.

Others include the first makers of vacuum cleaners and the first electric toothbrushes, which revolutionised the dental industry.

Many of the exhibition’s exhibits are now in museums around the world, including New York, where they will remain until the end of the year.

It is also important to note that many of the machine tools in the exhibition are no longer made by machinesmithing, but rather by other manufacturers.

The exhibition’s design, materials and installation are all made of the same materials as in the original exhibition, so that visitors will be able to identify the tools and the history behind them.

And unlike some other exhibitions, the museum will not be showing all the machines it has in its collection.

It is just focusing on a few machines that will be included in the exhibit, including the first vacuum cleaners, electric toothbrush, and first toothbrush for vacuum cleaners.

For the first time in its history, the New England Historical Society has invited the public to visit the exhibit as part of the museum’s new “Historic Museum” series, which aims to showcase a particular period of history and culture, in a way that can help students and the general public to understand the history and influence of that period.

You can find more information on the museum website, or follow the museum on Twitter and Instagram.

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