What you need to know about the Japanese typewriter

Japan is the world’s second-largest exporter of typewriters, but it’s also the world at large’s largest importer. 

A number of Japanese typewriter makers are also expanding their businesses overseas, with one of the biggest being the Japanese machine tools maker, Traub, which has an armada of overseas production in China.

The company has been importing the same typewriter in China for several years, so it’s no surprise that the new model is named after a famous Japanese writer.

The new Traub T40 has a more modern design and features a number of new features.

It’s also equipped with a new, smaller, and cheaper digital typewriter and a new manual and a digital keypad.

It features an upgraded electronic keyboard and a touch screen keyboard, which are both easier to use and provide a much more comfortable typing experience than previous models.

This new Trauq T40 is available in two different models, the T40s and T40-T60.

Both models are available in both blue and black.

The T40 models are about the same size as a regular T20 but have a wider and more prominent keyboard.

They also come with a touchscreen that can be used to switch between manual and digital typing.

The touchscreen is a bit larger than a standard keyboard and offers a much faster speed.

Unlike previous models, this new model offers a keyboard and touchpad that are much larger, and offer much more accurate typing.

There are also a couple of new buttons for the touchpad, and the new touchpad can be customized for a different user.

There are also two new features in this model.

First, the touch pad is now available in either a full size, large, or small size.

Second, Trauqs new manual keypad offers a new way to select text.

It uses an on-screen keyboard that can only be accessed by using a button on the touch screen.

For those unfamiliar with the Japanese alphabet, the keypad can act as a sort of Japanese calculator.

The keyboard on this new Traumas T40T40 offers a total of eight keys.

Trauqs newest model is also equipped for digital keys and a touchscreen.

As a bonus, Traumans new manual keyboard is also available in black, a color that is less expensive than its predecessor models.

The T40 T40 also comes with an extra, removable manual keyboard, and this is now the standard feature for new models.

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