When it comes to the best in computer equipment, there are no hard and fast rules

If you want to have a great machine tool, you need to look beyond the price tag.

Here are our picks for the best machine tools in 2018.

iMIDI Machine Tools The iMidi is a powerful but lightweight computer keyboard and mouse for $50, so it’s not surprising that the iMi machine tool is a popular choice among many home users.

It is also the cheapest, but it’s the most flexible.

It can be used on desktops, laptops and tablets, and has a variety of functions.

If you need a high-end keyboard and are looking for something with a more compact design, then the iZOOM iKey is a great choice.

It’s also easy to use, although you might have to pay for a separate cable.

If your PC is running on a touchscreen, the iXOOM is the best keyboard you can buy.

iKey One and iKey Plus iKeyOne is a compact and lightweight keyboard with a dedicated trackpad and buttons for multi-touch input.

It has a number of great features like a backlit keyboard, customizable color profiles, a built-in mouse, a dedicated touchpad and a USB port.

You can also add Bluetooth to the keyboard, but that is more expensive than the iKey.

iXoom iXooms are small, portable keyboards that have a large, soft touch surface.

You use the mouse to type, or you can use the trackpad to scroll and tap the screen.

You also get a number on the side of the keyboard that shows your CPU usage, which is useful if you want the most accurate results.

iZoom is a cheap and lightweight version of the iKonnect.

It costs $50 and is available from most retailers, but there are also a few online sellers.

The iZooms have a wide variety of customizable features, including a trackpad for multiple-finger scrolling and two capacitive touchpads for two-finger taps.

The keycaps are made of ABS plastic, which can be brittle if not properly cared for.

The touchpad is a dual-level touchpad that can be turned on or off.

iSmartKey iSmartKeys are small but powerful keys for $10 and have a range of functions, including the keyboard itself, a USB keyboard, a Bluetooth keyboard, three volume controls, a home button and a keypad.

You have to purchase an adapter if you are using a Windows PC or Mac, but if you don’t need the keyboard or the touchpad, then you can just buy a separate USB keypad for $5.

iKONnect iKononect is a more powerful and versatile keyboard that costs $30, although it’s also available online.

The Kononect keyboard has a wide range of customizable functions, and it comes with a USB key and two touchpicks.

You get a backlight and a dedicated mouse.

You should also make sure that you have the latest version of Microsoft Windows because the latest Windows 10 Pro is a good alternative to the Windows 10 Home edition.

If that’s not enough, you can also purchase the iSmart Keyboard Pro, which has a more advanced key layout.

iPouch iPouches are a keyboard accessory that allows you to use a mouse with a touchpad.

These keyboards come in different colors, so they’re also a good way to get a touch interface.

They also come with built-up keys that are handy if you have a lot of keys.

The keyboard is also USB-friendly, so you can connect a laptop or tablet.

iQA Keyboard iQa is a keyboard with dedicated keys for multiple types of inputs, including mice, keyboards and trackpads.

You’ll need to purchase a separate mouse and USB key, but the keyboard comes with built in keys for touchpicking, plus you get the keyboard’s built-ins for multi key navigation.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to get the most advanced features, such as a customizable trackpad, or a built in touchpad for two fingers.

The trackpad can be set to two different speeds, which are ideal for a multi-tasker.

iQuick Key iQuickKey is an easy to carry keyboard that has a builtin mouse.

It comes in a variety.

You just have to buy an adapter.

The keys are made out of ABS, which makes them very durable and can also be brittle.

The buttons are also made out in ABS plastic.

iRemote iRemote is an inexpensive keyboard for $40, but you can get an adapter for free.

The remote has a keyboard and trackpad that are interchangeable, so that you can switch between them at will.

The only drawback is that the remote does not have a built backlight, so some people might find it uncomfortable to use.

iTouchPad iTouchpads are a new type of keyboard accessory for $35.

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